The NeurOptimal® Home System is a professional-grade neurofeedback equipment specifically designed for home use and is fully automated.  Same training as in our clinics

See below for pricing and a Q&A on the renting process. 


Pick up or have it shipped directly to your home.


Choose between two monthly plans:


Includes 10 sessions = $60 per session. Ideal for one person training 2-3 times per week. (Additional session costs $25).

FAMILY TRAINER PLAN: $800 per month

Includes 20 sessions = $40 per session. Ideal for families who are training multiple people or for someone who would like to do more than two sessions per week. (Additional session costs $25).


  1. Fill out a form here to request a rental. No payment is required until we have a system assigned and confirmed by you
  2. Download the contract, sign and send back to us.  A contract is needed to be placed on waitlist. The sooner we have your paperwork in, the sooner you'll get the equipment.
  3. Wait. We'll notify you when we have a system assigned to you. Your system will arrive in about 2-3 weeks depending on availability. 


All equipment is included to do neurofeedback training at home, including conductive paste! Only item we don't provide is headphones. But any earbuds or regular headphones can be used

Pick up for free at our locations or have it shipped one way at a flat rate of $50 – anywhere in US! ($75 to Canada). Shipping cost is not included in price and billed separately. Return shipment is the renters responsibility.

Option to extend the rental after the first month available. We recommend two months rental for best results

View a step-by-step renting guide below

  The neurofeedback equipment is fully automated and easy to set up at home. Our expert neurofeedback trainers are also available to guide you in the process!

The neurofeedback equipment is fully automated and easy to set up at home. Our expert neurofeedback trainers are also available to guide you in the process!


Our rental package helps people with anxiety, trauma, ADHD, sleep issues and depression. Conditions that sometimes make it hard to make office visits, get symptom relief and train consistently. Watch our video testimonials here.

  • Saves in cost. Cost when renting can be as low as $40 per session
  • Same training as in-office visits
  • Easy to use. Watch a video here
  • Includes all materials needed to do brain training at home - even paste!
  • Our team of experts will guide you throughout the renting process

You're able to run sessions at your home on your own time and pace, and for 50% savings over in-office sessions if you rent. (The equipment is also available for purchase, learn more about buying a home system here). We offer our rental clients $100 refund if renting first and then buying a system through us!




  1. Fill out a form here.   We'll then provide you with a contract to download
  2. Fill out the contract and send back to us ASAP to confirm your spot on the waitlist. A complete contract is needed before we can assign a system to you. Wait time is approximately 2-3 weeks, depending on availability. The sooner we have your paperwork, the shorter wait time.
  3. Wait. We assign a system to you and email to confirm you are ready to rent
  4. Rental ships/picked up.  Payment is due when the shipping or pickup arrangements have been made. Your Rental Manager will send you an email with the date when your system will arrive or is ready for pick-up.  (Shipping/courier within US and NYC is a flat rate of $50 and shipment to Canada is a flat rate of $75). Signature is required to receive the package. 
  5. Receive the home unit and all accompanying equipment, including paste, instructions and forms. Please note, you'll need your own headphones. Any headphones can be used except bluetooth or noise-canceling headphones.
  6. Train your brain!  Click here to view a short video on how to set up the EEG sensors. We are also available if you have any questions. 
  7. We will be checking in with you periodically to see how your training is going and to answer questions.
  8. Two weeks before your training period ends, we'll contact you to see if you like to extend your rental. Sessions do rollover from month to month so if you haven't had the time to do all the sessions in the first month an additional 2 weeks or a month is optional. When extending, your credit card will be charged the first day of the next 30 day period. If you do not want to extend,  please notify us asap and we will make arrangement for the return.  You are responsible for return shipping charges.

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 We have offices in New York City (Union Square), Los Angeles (Northeast LA & Pasadena)Denver, Boulder, ColoradoTry a neurofeedback session first and then decide if you'd like to rent. 



"After having a few neurofeedback sessions at the NY Neurofeedback Clinic, I decided to rent a machine to train at home and save in cost. I would do it again in a heart beat!" 

– Brie, in NYC

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