See below for more details cost of renting a neurofeedback home unit, cost of in-office sessions and cost of buying a NeurOptimal device for use at home or at a health clinic.


The most affordable and effective option to train brains at home! Choose from three different monthly plans!

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Cost: $600*/month

10 sessions included (=$60/session)

Ideal for one person

Additional sessions are only $25/session and billed upon return.


Cost: $800*/month

20 sessions included (=$40/session)

Ideal for two or more people

Additional sessions are only $25/session and billed upon return.


Cost: $900*/month

Unlimited Sessions

Ideal for 3 or more people

Pick up for free in NYC, LA/Pasadena, Denver or Boulder or have it shipped directly to your home for flat fee of $50 within US. Read below commonly asked questions about the renting a home system.


* Residents of New York State will be charged sales tax for their home rental and any shipping charges.  If in NYC, that rate is 8.75%. Shipment cost not included in price.


Client Review: I rented a Neurofeedback machine for 3 months and have been very pleased with the results. I feel calmer and more focused. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity. Sara and Kate were wonderful and responsive. Thank you very much.

Systems Available! First Come. First Serve!

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Our main location is in NYC but we also have offices in Pasadena, CA and Boulder, CO. Price per session range from $125 and up depending on location and package plan. Discounted sessions for new clients available.


Price range from $7000 and up. Whether you order your system directly from Zengar (the makers of NeurOptimal) or purchase through us the price is the same! If renting first and then decide to buy, you will receive a $100 refund of your first month's rent. 


I rented a Neurofeedback machine for 3 months and have been very pleased with the results. I feel calmer and more focused. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity. Sara and Kate were wonderful and responsive. Thank you very much!

Easy to use, cost efficient and extremely effective. My social anxiety has taken a back seat.

I rented a device for 2 months from Neurofeedback Training Co. in NYC. It was easy to set up as they have a book included and videos online that explain how to connect the electrodes and run the session. Within a few sessions, I felt less lethargic throughout the day. My sleep also improved, where I would wake up with less grogginess. Also, my anxiety level throughout the day dropped (but it still can come up during stressful times, but I am learning to work on that with mindfulness techniques). I am looking to rent again in the future when I can afford it and give time for these past 2 months of brain training to synchronize with my life. I can highly recommend NeurOptimal and friends of mine who have just started doing it also have been having good results. One of my friends had issues with traditional QEEG therapy and she found NeurOptimal to be much gentler and relaxing!

I can now see why two months is recommended. At the 10th session, after a month of neurofeedback training with the NeurOptimal system, I noticed a powerful shift in my mood and well-being. I learned about NeurOptimal from Bulletproof and sought out neurofeedback for peak-performance. I’ll definitely rent again or come in for booster sessions.

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What’s included in the home unit rental?  Do I need to purchase paste or anything separate?

Both our rental plans include all materials required to train (including paste), access to online support forum moderated by expert trainers, access to regular check-ins with staff trainer via text, email, phone or Skype. However, we do not provide headphones which you'd need for doing the training at home. Any headphones/earbuds will be fine to use for the training. Watch our video how the rental package looks like

Why the wait?

At times we may have a wait list of two weeks. We often have clients extend rental period, therefore we cannot always predict when we have a rental available. A signed contract is needed to be added on our wait list.

Why is two months rental recommended?

After nine years of renting, best training results occur when people train for 2 - 4 months, with 2 days’ sleep between training sessions.  If you rent for 2 months, that would look like 2-3 sessions per week, for a total of 20-30 sessions.  

What if I don’t finish all the included sessions?

Sessions rollover to next rental period. If you haven’t finished all your sessions in the first month, extend an additional 2 or 4 weeks after your first month's rental to allow more time to finish.

What’s the cost of shipping?  Is it included?

Shipping costs are not included and billed separately. Free pick-up available at at one of our office in NYC, Los Angeles or Boulder,  Colorado. Flat rate shipping in US is $50. Please note, due to increased shipping cost to Canada we have only limited systems available for rentals in Canada, the wait-time is 3-4 weeks sometimes more. Do reach out to us if you are interested in this option.

Do we accept insurance?

No. We do not accept insurance.  We accept credit cards, cash and checks. However, if coming in for sessions our NYC clinic offer an out-of-network receipt for those who have insurance but don't take insurance directly.  Call your insurance company and ask: "Does my insurance cover EEG biofeedback in my behavioral (or mental health) benefits?  The CPT code is 90901 if they ask for it. 

When is payment due?

Payment is due the day of pick up or shipping arrangements has been made. We also now require two credit cards on file.  One primary credit card and one as back up. The equipment is expensive and we don't require any deposits. If you pay by cash, we still need two credit cards on file in case there are additional session and shipping charges when the device has been returned. 

What if I don’t finish my sessions?

Sessions rollover to next rental period. If you haven’t had the time to finish we recommend extending another two weeks (or month).

How long does it take to get the home system rental? 

Depending on availability, the time range from three to four business to approximately two weeks.  At times there may be a longer wait. Our current clients can extend their rental which many do since we recommend two month's training for best results. Therefore it is hard for us to predict a certain date. We will do our best to get a system to you as soon as possible. If in NYC, Boulder or Pasadena, you can also come in to the office and train at reduced rate. Learn more >

What if I have problems with the machine?

Reboot the system, and make sure all cords are connected including the power cord. If that doesn’t help, contact your rental manager right away. We will then guide you in troubleshooting of the equipment and to get help from NeurOptimal’s technicians remotely - at no extra charge. If a tech support does not resolve the issue, we’ll send you a loaner, at no extra cost!


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