Choose between two monthly rental plans and see below for more details what is included.



  • Cost: $800
  • 20 sessions included (=$40/session)
  • Ideal for two or more people


  • Cost: $600
  • 10 sessions included (=$60/session)
  • Ideal for one person

Additional sessions are only $25/session and billed upon return.

Flat-rate shipping or pick up for free at our locations.

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  1. Fill out a form here to request a Home System rental. 
  2. Receive a contract, sign and send back to us. You're now on the wait list!
  3. Wait 2-3 weeks. Your rental manager will email when we have a system available. Pick up for free in NYC, LA or Boulder or have it shipped directly to your home for flat fee of $30 within US and $50 to Canada.  

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The Home Unit provides the same neurofeedback training as in office visits. It's easy to use and saves in overall neurofeedback training cost. 

  • Shipping is not included in rental price. We offer one-way $30 flat-rate fee anywhere in the US.  Return shipment is the renters responsibility. We insure & ship with a tracking system. Or pick up for free at any of our locations.
  • Signed contract is needed to be added on our wait list. 
  • The rental period per month is 30 days and starts the day after you've received the system. It's due back the day after your due date (dropped off in NYC, LA, Pasadena, Denver and Boulder or shipped directly to your home).
  • For best results, two months rental is recommended. To learn why, read our case study here: How to Get Best Results in Neurofeedback Training >



Choose to extend an additional 2 or 4 weeks after your first month's rental.


  • PERSONAL TRAINER: $300 for 2 weeks (=14 days), (5 sessions included)
  • FAMILY TRAINER: $400 for 2 weeks (=14 days), (10 sessions included)

PLEASE NOTE: This option is only available after the first month's rental. Sessions do rollover. If you haven't finished all sessions the first month you'll now have more time to complete the training!


  • Laptop or tablet with the advanced brain training system by NeurOptimal®
  • zAmp (tracks the sessions)
  • 5 sensors
  • Conductive paste
  • Training via Skype 
  • Electronic Manual
  • Downloadable progress tracking reports
  • Computer bag

Please note: Headphones are not included but any regular headphones or earbuds are fine to use. No noise canceling headphones.

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Why the wait?

We often have clients extend rental period for additional month or 2 weeks after the first month, therefore we cannot always predict when we have a rental available. 

What’s included in the home unit rental?  Do I need to purchase paste or anything separate?

Both our rental plans include all materials required to train (including paste), access to online support forum moderated by expert trainers, access to regular check-ins with staff trainer via text, email, phone or Skype. However, we do not provide headphones which you'd need for doing the training at home. Any headphones/earbuds will be fine to use for the training.

What’s the cost of shipping?  Is it included?

Shipping costs are not included and billed separately. Free pick-up available at at one of our office in NYC, Los Angeles or Boulder,  Colorado. Flat rate shipping in US is $30. For shipment to Canada shipping ranges from $125 - $150. 

Do we accept insurance?

No. We do not accept insurance.  We accept credit cards, cash and checks.

When is payment due?

Payment is due the day of pick up or shipping arrangements has been made. We also now require two credit cards on file.  One primary credit card and one as back up. The equipment is expensive and we don't require any deposits. If you pay by cash, we still need two credit cards on file in case there are additional session and shipping charges when the device has been returned. 

How long does it take to get the home system rental? 

The time from deposit to rental arrival is approximately 3 weeks.  At times there may be a longer wait. Our current clients can extend their rental which many do since we recommend two month's training for best results. Therefore it is hard for us to predict a certain date. We will do our best to get a system to you as soon as possible. If in NYC or Los Angeles, you can also come in to the office and train on Saturdays at reduced rate.

Why is two months rental recommended?

After nine years of renting, best training results occur when people train for 2 - 4 months, with 2 days’ sleep between training sessions.  If you rent for 2 months, that would look like 2-3 sessions per week, for a total of 20-30 sessions.