Here is a list of frequently asked questions when troubleshooting your equipment. 

  • Restart the computer if the system freezes or doesn't respond
  • Make sure all the computer cords are fully plugged in
  • Do this first and then call me if there is still a problem.


If the system freezes or doesn't respond 

  • Do a hard restart*: Press down the power button and hold for 30 seconds. Then click again on the power button to start it up. 
  • Make sure the zAmp is connected before you start the program and preferably before you start up the tablet.
  • Always make sure powercord is connected. If it’s not charging, try a different outlet.

*FAMILY/PRO UNIT RENTERS – Once tablet starts up. Wait 15 seconds. In the lower black "task bar” a small NeurOptimal logo icon will show up (that means the program is starting up in the background). Instead of clicking on the top left larger logo, click on this smaller logo in the task bar. Three small windows will appear, click any of them to open up the program.

ZAmp Problems (the device with the sensors):

Sometimes when starting a session, the following message can appears: "The zAmp can not be verified at this time"

  1. Restart the system. (See instructions above to do a hard restart)
  2. Unplug the USB cord and try a different port
  3. Start up the system and program again

If that doesn't help, contact us by emailing your rental manager.


Sound problems

 If there is no sound, try this:

  • Verify that the volume is not muted or set very low on the computer.
  • Restart your system.( See instructions above to do a hard restart)
  • Install all Windows updates and restart the computer.
  • Verify sound is defaulted to system speakers/headphones and not external display via control panel > sound > Playback Devices.


For more FAQs go to NeurOptimal's Website here

Troubleshooting the Equipment 

Need to do a mouse-call? Click here to view a pdf on how to login to technical support. Available only MON - FRI until 4PST


Download Forms

  2. Checklist of Concerns
  3. Tracking Your Progress (Fill this out in combination with the CHECKLIST OF CONCERNS before you start training and then every ten sessions.)

Read this prior to your first neurofeedback session at home:


For an extra guide, see this screenshot of the different functionalities of the program. For the PERSONAL TRAINER PLAN only.