How to set up the equipment at home & troubleshooting tips

Click here to watch a slideshow and learn how to set up a session with the PRO system.


If the training stops in the the middle of a session, watch this video to learn how to restart the training.

Having trouble with the system? A hard reset often helps. Hold down the power button (top left corner) for 30 seconds. Then press again to start up the system. Wait 15-20 seconds before clicking on NeurOptimal logo once you see the dashboard. The program will automatically startup. Then click in lower task bar, on the small icon to start the program. 

If you have done the hard reset and it still doesn't work, please notify your rental manager. You may then have to do a mouse-call. Click here to view a pdf.

Download PRO Manual (PDF)



Instructions for the Family Trainer #5 System Only


Add the sensors the tiny sensors near your scalp and three clips on your ears to pick up delicate electrical activity of your brain. 

PLEASE NOTE: The sites on head C3 and C4 are actually large areas approximately half-way between the tip of the top of the ear and the crown of the head.  Anywhere in that area is considered a good location!  The EEG sensors on the head pick up 95% of the electrical information on the entire head, and only 5% of that information is site specific?  In other words, don't worry, you have it in the right place!

Warning: you may get some EEG paste in your hair the first time, but it's water-soluable and comes out easily! Have wipes in handy.

What happens during the session?

Sit in a comfortable chair facing the computer screen. Put on the headphones and start the program and the brain training begins. You will listen to music and you may notice very brief pauses in the sound or image.  The very precise timing of these interruptions gives the brain vital information it needs to reorganize itself to operate more optimally. You don’t have to do anything while all this is happening. It’s all right to close your eyes and "zone out" and just let your brain do its job. A session usually runs around 35 minutes.


Got Questions ? Join the Professional Forum!

With the monthly rental you can join the online community of NeurOptimal renters, moderated by professional trainers. It’s free with your rental and a great way get quick answers to questions, to share experiences and to understand better the NeurOptimal experience! To get the login, contact Kate at

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 We strongly recommend all renters fill out our Checklist of Concerns prior to starting and then again, after every 8 sessions.  For example, when clients see their rate of 10 for "Feel Anxious" turn into a 4 (10 being worst), they know the training is doing something good for them!

Download the Checklist of Concerns here