One advanced technology, Three convenient ways to train

NeurOptimal neurofeedback is a safe, non-invasive: a drug-free brain training method to alleviate symptoms and optimize your brain and health!  


We offer NeurOptimal sessions in three locations.

  • NYC: Neurofeedback and therapy sessions can also be combined at our New York City Clinic! Click here to schedule.

  • LOS ANGELES: Two locations in LA: Pasadena (main) and Northeast LA. Sessions are with NeurOptimal Neurofeedback Trainer Sara St. John.

  • BOULDER, CO: Sessions are with NeurOptimal Neurofeedback Trainer Joy Om.


Do brain training at home with an advanced neurofeedback home system.

The system for rent provides the same training as in our neurofeedback clinics and we have a team of experts to guide you through the renting process. 

Cost per neurofeedback session can be as low as $40 per session!

Rent a Neurofeedback Home System

Most cost-effective option!


Neurofeedback Equipment for sale for home use and health clinics.

We are Zengar sales representatives and offer sales with monthly financial plans for both the Personal and Professional NeurOptimal Neurofeedback Systems. Learn more >

If you are a health care clinician or a therapist, consider buying a PRO system for your private practice! 

All our systems available for rent have the latest software update, NeurOptimal 3.0! We ship througout US and Canada!

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Have a specific question about the training? Talk to one of our Neurofeedback Trainers!

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