What's the purpose of the music in Neurofeedback training?

A client renting Neurofeedback in Boulder, Colorado asked us this question.  

How neurofeedback works is actually not about the particular sound or sight but rather how the orienting response of the brain gets triggered by stopping the music or visual display.  We are “bio-hacking” by interrupting the habitual patterns of the brain through the use of the brain’s natural information gathering process, the orienting response. It’s triggered by interrupting the music which triggers the awareness response of the automatic functioning CNS to come into the present moment . This serves as an opportunity for the brain to see it’s habitual mal-adaptive choices and then to correct them, hence the resolving of symptoms such as heightened feelings of worry and fear, which is the body’s fight / flight response, which is only supposed to be used when here’s an immediate threat to the body’s safety.  When the brain sees this habitual choice is inappropriate for the here-and-now it will change course.

So while there is the necessity for sound it’s not the particulars of it, that make the neurofeedback effective; it’s the interruption process at the exact millisecond the brain is about to change states (read by the EEG patterning of the brain) and perform an action that is key for the ‘feedback.’

Thank you to our Boulder renter for asking about music and Neurofeedback! 

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