A Case Study on Neurofeedback and Anxiety

Elizabeth came to our NYC Neurofeedback Clinic after having tried many methods to address her Obsessive Compulsive and Post Traumatic Stress Disorders.  She wanted relief from feeling anxious, like she was under attack.  She also reported poor sleep and at times feeling emotional paralyzed and unable to move forward in her life.  



Since Elizabeth began in September, I’ve noticed a remarkable difference in her confidence and overall sense of well-being.  She often ends sessions with a calm half-smile. While she is not finished her training I asked her to comment on what changes she’s notices so far, since they have already been dramatic.

After only seven sessions, neurofeedback has literally changed my life. As someone with a history of PTSD, severe OCD, and social anxiety disorder, suffice it to say that I had been struggling with crippling anxiety for a long time.

Before I started coming to Neurofeedback NY I was completely dependent on medications such as Zoloft and Xanax to control the frequent panic attacks and other debilitating effects of my high anxiety level. Now, I’m becoming less and less relient on my medication with each passing week, and I haven’t had a panic attack in two months! I’m sleeping better, no longer plagued by intrusive thoughts, and the constant state of exhaustion I was in before has faded away.

Overall, I’m feeling much more energized, happier and healthier than I have in years. I would highly recommend neurofeedback to anyone struggling to control the effects of anxiety in their lives.
— Elizabeth in New York


To learn more about how neurofeedback works and about the NeurOptimal system, watch our video here.