5 Reasons to do Neurofeedback Training on Kids at Start of School


The beginning of the school year can be an anxiety provoking time for children as they adjust to focusing on learning after the long summer break.  Students with learning difficulties have increased concerns, especially if previous school year was tough.

5 Reasons to have your child start or tune-up with neurofeedback:

1. Improve sleep habits.  Getting on a regular sleep schedule is crucial in order for the brain to function optimally throughout the day.  When a young child is learning new skills and information, a good night's sleep can put them at an advantage for increasing their information processing and ability to take in new information.  With a regular sleep routine, neurofeedback can support children to sleep through the night soundly.

2.  Boost attention.  Often times, we've found that children come to us with difficulty concentrating on their work in school and at home.  With regular training, we've often found that children approach their work with greater ease.  As the nervous system becomes regulated, it allows the brain to take in more present-moment information, including what the teacher might be saying!

3.  Lower performance anxiety levels.  Sometimes our hightened stress levels make it hard to feel comfortable and safe at school; meeting new kids and new teachers, approaching public speaking and dealing with tough year-end testing.  Neurofeedback certainly can't guarantee A's, but it's amazing to see kids report feeling calmer overall since beginning training.

4.  Ease connecting with peers.  When a nervous system comes into regulation, it can distinguish between situations and people that seem like a threat or not.  Other children, social interactions and authority figures may start to seem less threatening, allowing for better connection with others.  One mother reported that her son started to take better care of his younger siblings by looking out for them and holding their hands crossing the street. 

5.  Improve behavior.  Because many "negative" behaviors are a side effect of the fight/flight/freeze reaction, when the brain's functioning is optimized, there may be less acting out seen in school and at home.  This is because the nervous system is not perceiving irrational threats as often, and there might not be as much need to act out!

My son who is 8 years old, was feeling stressed about school. He wasn’t sleeping well and was feeling very emotional, especially around homework. I rented the home system for one month and set up a regular schedule (twice per week). We made it a rewarding treat during the sessions (he used the iphone during the sessions). I gradually started seeing changes. One morning he thought he had slept for two days. He also talks about his dreams more and wakes up more happy, more at ease with stressful situations (getting ready for school). I highly recommend neurofeedback and will rent again in a few months for a “tune-up”.
— SA, (mom & son, 20 Sessions, Rented the Family Trainer, 1 month)