Neurofeedback & ADHD: Transforming a Young Girl's Learning

Neurofeedback at Home

Neurofeedback at Home

We just received this note from a mom who rented a neurofeedback system to help her daughter who was recently diagnosed with ADHD. This mom was very concerned about the effects of ADHD medication on a growing brain.  She searched for alternative treatments for ADHD and came across neurofeedback.

Just yesterday, after a month of renting she sent us this note:

"Neurofeedback has literally changed my daughter's life. She has only had 11 sessions as of today and we have seen so many positive shifts. She is more focused, able to follow instructions better, she can sit still for longer periods of time. She can articulate her thoughts clearly. Homework is a breeze now. It used to easily take up 45 min to an hour to do homework, now she does it in 10 min. This weekend we even played a board game two times in a row. She never could have done that before. She used to go into a handstand non-stop. She hardly ever does them anymore. We have seen such amazing changes in her and it has affected how the entire family can relate to one another. We started sessions on my son too. I absolutely want to rent the system for another month."

One important note to add is that this mom had already removed sugars, gluten, processed foods and food dyes (common allergens in kids diagnosed with ADHD) which slow down or mask the results of Neurofeedback so she was able to see immediate results.  Not all ADHD diagnoses have allergies as a contributor but many do. 

Children respond well to neurofeedback training and the results often last far beyond the treatment period.  Recent research agrees.

Neurofeedback training for ADHD is typically between 20-40 sessions ( or 2-3 months of renting a home system). Once the training is complete, the changes stick and kids come back for booster treatments during times of stress. With the Neuroptimal system, the child simply watch a DVD for half an hour and receive the full treatment benefits.  My young clients tell me they feel “really calm” after a session and their parents frequently report a good night’s sleep after they train.

Whether your children struggle with PTSD, anxiety, ADHD or just have trouble sleeping, neurofeedback can help bring great relief.

To learn more about how Neurofeedback training works, check out this great explanation of the Neuroptimal® system we use.

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