Why train your brain with neurofeedback?


Neurofeedback help people train their brains to function more efficiently or improve concentration, memory, anxiety, or mood.

When the brain is trained with NeurOptimal® neurofeedback, clients may notice the following:

• Feeling calmer
• Increased mental clarity and focus
• Dropping away of fears
• More appropriate response to situations
• Feeling lighter and greater ease
• Increased motivation and ability to accomplish tasks

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For some, clients may come to us for purposes of maximizing their peak performance; neurofeedback (also called biofeedback eeg) is often used by athletes and other competitors to have the best outcomes possible.

Neurofeedback TRAINING helps Musicians & Artists

Musicians are the first to say that mind and body synchronization are essential to peak performance.  In this video, Alex Lambert, drummer and NYC neurofeedback trainer, discusses how neurofeedback has influenced his skills and experience with music.

Having played since childhood, Alex has played in indie rock bands, such as Multitudes in NYC and Blame Game in Atlanta, and taught music for many years.  In the last two years he has also been doing neurofeedback training and found it allowed him to enter and maintain flow states while playing as well as decreased his performance anxiety.  





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