Scroll down for videos on how to set up the neurofeedback machine & EEG Sensors at home. Read also a detailed explanation on what happens in a NeurOptimal session.

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We strongly recommend all renters fill out our Checklist Form prior to starting and then again, after every 8 sessions. For example, when clients see their rate of 10 for "Feel Anxious" turn into a 4 (10 being worst), they know the training is doing something good for them.


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How to set up the neurofeedback equipment at home

PLEASE NOTE: As a Neurofeedback Training Co. renter, you’ll recieve a printed step-by-step manual with your rental package. Your rental manager will also be available via email or Skype if necessary to guide you through your first session



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UPDATE: With the new NeurOptimal 3.0 software, a high-speed internet connection is now needed for the system to work properly. It’s recommended to connect your system to wi-fi at start.

Please check your printed manual of a more detailed step-by-step guide on how to connect to your internet.

Tip! Make sure to start up tablet and program before adding the sensors to make sure it’s working properly. If the program needs a software update which happens at start it can take between 2 - 5 minutes and a reboot is recommended after an update.


NeurOptimal targets 20 different sets of frequencies across the right and left brain, each target naturally balancing off the effects of others. There are a total of five EEG sensors to set up before starting a session. What if I apply the sensors to the wrong place? NeurOptimal uses C3 and C4 - ie: the midpoints on each side of the head between the top of the ear and the top of the head. If you get them close to those points, then there is no “wrong place”.


Video from Zengar: How to set up a EEG sensors for your neurofeedback session.

Manual: Sensor Placement


VIDEO: Learn how to connect to NeurOptimal’s own tech support “ZENCONNECT”


Watch this video on how to allow tech support experts to troubleshoot your home system (see login info in your packet!). Once logged in, tap on the ZenConnect button and follow the instructions from the video.

When logging in to tech support please add your name + Neurofeedback Training Renter. Working with...(Alison, Kate or Sara).


WATCH: HOW TO DO AN EXTENDED SESSION (44 minutes instead of 33 minutes)

When you rent, you have the option to do an extended session. Please note: There is no data that proves this extended session provides better results than the regular session, but if you fall asleep during a session, and want a longer nap, go ahead and do an extended version! The regular session is 33 minutes long and what is normally used in-office sessions.


PERSONAL TRAINER ONLY: Check how many remaining sessions are available on system.

Join the Neurofeedback Professional Forum!

With the monthly rental you can join the online community of NeurOptimal renters, moderated by professional trainers. It’s free with your rental and a great way get quick answers to questions, to share experiences and to understand better the NeurOptimal experience! Check your manual for the login information

Read also our blog to learn other useful brain training tips!


What happens during a neurOptimal session?

Before your first neurofeedback session begins, fill in the Checklist Form!

Download PDF:

Checklist Form

Add the sensors the tiny sensors near your scalp and three clips on your ears to pick up delicate electrical activity of your brain. Much like an EKG or ECG, the NeurOptimal® neurofeedback device is simply reading this signal. Nothing invasive is involved with the training process.

NeurOptimal® neurofeedback is naturopathic and does not “push” the brain in any particular direction. The system merely cues your central nervous system to do what is naturally best for YOUR brain.


Sit in a comfortable chair facing the computer screen. Put on the headphones (use your own if at home, headphones are not included in rental) and start the program and the brain training begins. You will listen to music and you may notice very brief pauses in the sound or image.  The very precise timing of these interruptions gives the brain vital information it needs to reorganize itself to operate more optimally. You don’t have to do anything while all this is happening. It’s all right to close your eyes and "zone out" and just let your brain do its job. Length of the brain training can vary, but a session usually runs around 33 minutes (If you rent, you can do an extended version which is 44 minutes).


How will you feel afterwards? Because NeurOptimal system is non-invasive and does not push the brain in any “direction” during training, it is highly unlikely you will feel any side effects following a session. Any noticeable shifts in your mood, awareness or energy level after brain training really depends on the individual and can vary from session to session. 

The main point is that transformation with neurofeedback happens according to the brain’s own intrinsic wisdom, with no conscious effort from the user. 

When it's over, the music will stop – you are done with the session! 

Close the program then gently clean the sensors after each use with wet wipes or in running warm water (make sure to dry them afterwards)!

Shut down the tablet when not in use afterwards and store it safely away.