Neurofeedback Tranining Co., specializes in optimizing your brain with NeurOptimal® neurofeedback. An effective & non-invasive alternative treatment to improve your mental health and to alleviate symptoms from ADHD, PTSD, brain injuries/concussions, anxiety, stress and sleep disorders . Learn more about the benefits of neurofeedback >



Although NeurOptimal neurofeedback training does not treat specific conditions, specific symptoms are alleviated because you are improving the overall functioning of the central nervous system. 

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What our clients say...

I felt positive results after around the third session, I slept better and felt more relaxed in situations that otherwise make me feel more stressed. I rented for 2 months and now come in to the office for booster sessions when I feel I need it.
— Travis, Rented Neurofeedback Home System for 2 months

About Us

Headquartered in NYC, Neurofeedback Training Co. has clinics in Manhattan, Los Angeles, and Boulder.  We offer in-office training as well as neurofeedback equipment rentals for home use.   

Training Mind And Brain: Combined Neurofeedback And Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy In NYC

At our clinic in NYC,  therapy and neurofeedback is also offered. Click here to schedule a therapy and neurofeedback session with Heather or Natalie. 

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Save in Neurofeedback Cost

We offer discounted rates on neurofeedback sessions in NYC, Boulder and LA. Save up to 50% in cost! New clients only.

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